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Washington County Maryland Commissioners Choose to Charge For Recycling

2012 June 12

This is a local issue and yet is disturbing to us.

We received a letter today from the (attached => Washington County Solid Waste Department) announcing the “Great News” that we would have to pay fees for services once designed to prevent recyclable and renewable waste streams from entering the landfill. Landfills are expensive operations and slowing the replacement of these operations is important.

In what we feel is a rather unthoughtful move, The Washington County Maryland Board of County Commissioners voted on June 5th 2012 to charge their citizens a fee for sorting their trash of recyclable items and saving landfill space. It appears that the Commissioners see these streams of waste as costly and want to charge the local citizens to recycle even though it saves money in the future by reducing use of landfill space. Plus Maryland requires counties to recycle 35% of waste and this could have a major impact on the recycling rate.

A different solution would be to use a company such as Conservit of Hagerstown or Reliable Recycling of Frederick, both of which operate profitable businesses in the recycling industry, which pay their customers for the scrap they bring to them, to operate the local system. They’re skilled in the business of recycling and make profits even though they have to pay folks for the scrap and have many employees. Who knows why the Solid Waste Department of Washington County isn’t using the resources of the skilled folks in the recycling industry to handle the recyclables. Perhaps some would worry about those scrap businesses profiting from the waste, but consider that county is already paying businesses to haul the waste and those businesses make a profit. We’re not associated nor do we know anyone associated with those two businesses. We just see that they make money handling recyclable waste and yet the county pays to handle it.

So the current solution is: Let’s stop recycling. Lets fill up the landfill fast. What a short sighted idea.

We would like everyone to answer this question in the comments: Would you pay a $35.00 annual fee for the privilege of recycling if you could just throw out the stuff in the trash?

Our neighboring county, Frederick, offers a free curbside recycling program for everyone and they give you a receptacle that holds two weeks of recyclable items too.

What are our Washington County Commissioners thinking? Do they really want to kill recycling? Gosh it took long enough to get folks even to consider sorting material for recycling.

To contact the Commissioners whom are listed below:

  • Terry L. Baker
  • John F. Barr
  • Ruth Anne Callaham
  • Jeff Cline
  • William B. McKinley

By Mail:
100 West Washington Street, Room 226
Hagerstown, MD 21740

By Telephone:


By Fax:

Prior Changes
This move follows the closing of the Convenience Centers on Mondays and the reduction of hours. This is another wasteful move as Mondays are often holidays, and so on holidays they are paying folks bonus hours for when the facility was closed anyway, Brilliant!

Super Pacs

2012 April 23

Colbert Super Pac Super Fun Pack

Colbert Super Pac Super Fun Pack

The Super Political Action Committee (PAC) situation is evolving. Certainly there will be a amazing scene this fall with TV and Radio ads yahoo crazy in their numbers.

My favorite Super Pac is Comedy Centrals Stephen Colbert’s Americans for A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow (ABTT). On March 31, the ABBT Super-Pac offered a Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac Super Fun Pack with many fun things in the kit. It includes:

  • A Treasure Map
  • A Secret Decoder Ring
  • A Door Sign for your Official Super Pac Meetings
  • An Allen Wrench
  • A “Trevor Can You Help Me” Button for non-legal Advice
  • A Turtles Don’t Like Peanut Butter T-Shirt
  • An FEC Form for forming a Super Pac
  • A Step-By-Step Manual of Non-Legal Advice on how to form your own Super Pac
  • A Can of DAK Ham
  • A set of decorative labels to decorate your ham as the immortal Ham Rove
  • A legal disclaimer, which all good Fun Packs have
Colbert Super Pac Ham Rove from Super Fun Pack

Colbert Super Pac Ham Rove - All of the brains of Carl Rove with 1/2 the sodium

Corporations are Ruling America

2012 April 15
by All Forked Up

We’re not anti-corporation here at In fact, we ourselves are persons that are part of a corporation. But what seems All Forked Up is how our legislators are so addicted to heroin (i.e. money) that they need a fix all of the time. Believe it or not our elected officials need to raise 10,000 to $15,000 a day. To get that much money, they have to spend 1/4 of their work hours across the street from their office on Capital Hill. They use facilities set up by the party committees, stand elbow to elbow, and call donors for 2 hours straight, attempting to get them to give another donation.

The Congressman and Senators have to use the party supplied facilities, because it’s illegal for them to use their own office in Congress. So instead, they walk 100 feet across the street and use the cramped quarters provided to them by the RNC and DNC. Equipped with their list of large donors, they painstaking call their friends and other donors asking for more cash.

This is the trouble with the Super-PAC era we’re in. Instead of making things better for the politicians, this outside money in the election campaigns is tainting the individual campaigns further. This will probably result in our elected officials spending more time raising money so that they have a say in their own election.

American Federation of Independant Businesses, Ha Ha Ha!

2012 March 25
by All Forked Up

Last Summer, some cronies of the AFIB came by our business with a Dog and Pony Show looking for a donation. They showed us a list of issues, and asked our opinion about each of them. We could tell by how they phrased the questions, what their stand was and that the company ought to be known as the American Federation of Republican Businesses. Look at their issues at their website (we’re not linking to it) and you will see that it’s a Republican associated non-profit. So if you hear of a statement from the AFIB consider it to be from the AFRB (our fictitious business name for their actual business, AFIB).

Corrupt (Adjective)

2012 February 27
by All Forked Up

In politics, to hold an office of trust or profit.

How Much It Costs to Bribe A US Congressman

2012 February 24
by All Forked Up

In a frank interview with the host of NPR’s Fresh Air Show, which can be read here: James Bopp Comments on Fresh Air Feb 2012, James Bopp made a few bold statements.

This is the lawyer that pushed the Citizen’s United case to the Supreme Court, resulting in all of this secret money pouring into the political scene. I absolutely disagree with the Citizens United decision, yet James Bopp does a surprising middle of the road explanation of the reason for the decision and why it’s good for the American public.

But what I found most enlightening/startling were the comments on how the problem is that the $2,500 campaign donation limit to a politician is too low. The US Courts have always ruled that donations are not buying influence. Yet, Mr Bopp states this is the point of a political donation outright.

This is because it’s known it takes more to bribe a congressman. The known bribes are $99,000 for Congressman Jefferson of Louisiana and $120,000 for earmarks by Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham whom had a schedule of bribes in his desk.

Here is the quote:
you can’t even buy a Democratic congressman for $2,500. The anecdotal evidence is that it takes $99,000 in cold hard cash to buy a Democratic congressman. That was the amount Congressman Jefferson of New Orleans had in his freezer.

Republican congressmen seem to go at a higher rate. Duke Cunningham had a schedule of bribes in his desk. The lowest amount was $140,000 for him to earmark your weapons system.

Read the full text or listen to the podcast above. You’ll find the interview is balanced, no matter of your political view. If you find this is better than a Fox or MSNBC interview, then think about making a donation to National Public Radio:

Donate to NPR

The individual donation direct to a politician is capped at $2500.00 and as James Bopp says, will not buy you influence. You need to dig a lot deeper. If you ever gave $50.00 or $100.00 donation to a Congressman, did you expect to influence the politician? I have made these small donations and helped influence a race or two — not to buy personal influence of the politician — but in support of the general policies.

Republican’s Talking Points Memo 2012

2012 February 13
by All Forked Up

The Republican Party (using the aid of Frank Luntz – the word czar they pay millions of dollars to get the words that incite hate) talking points are holding strong. In case you don’t get the Republican’s Parties Talking Points Memo, this post is going to hold the points for the election of 2012.

This post is an alive post and is going to be a running list and will be updated regularly as we capture the talking points. The current running list of talking points is in a list is at the bottom. The comments on the spin are up here.

On the BBC World Service show Hard Talk today, February 13th 2012, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) spun the ‘leading from behind’ point.

On MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Show on February 13th 2012, Republican Strategist John Feehery used the talking points ‘leading from behind’, ‘job killer’ and ‘job creator’.

Romney Keeps saying Obama is apologizing for America. This is absolutely a lie. Do we want an outright liar as President?

Talking Points In Alphabetical Order
Budget Deficit (Note: Congress Sets the Budget, Article 7 of US Constitution)
Job Creator
Job Killer
Leading From Behind
Welfare Reform
Obama’s Spending (Note: We’re still using the Bush Budget as Congress hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years)
Tell The Mitt Romney Story
We Built It (misquoting President Obama on how businesses use common resources to grow [i.e. roads, bridges, railroads, airports, the internet)

Freedom Of Speech in America, Eh?

2012 February 8

Everyone seems to love the 1st Amendment here in America, it gives one the right of free speech. Oddly though, the minute someone says something that they don’t agree with, they immediately attack the speaker. Where is the Freedom of Speech in that?

Clint Eastwood is the latest target because Clint is registered Republican and made a positive commercial for Chrysler Corporation that aired during the Feb 5 2012 Super Bowl. Who would attack a positive commercial. Bush’s Brain (Karl Rove) did.

Why? May I suggest because it was a positive spin on the economy and that’s the last thing the negative Republican party want while they’re trying to beat President Obama. In my opinion that’s the same reason for the 17 million Republican debates, they can attack President Obama over and over and over.

Now, there wasn’t anything in the commercial about President Obama and it’s paid free speech of Chrysler Corporation something the Republicans ought to stand behind. Yet, it’s not the message the Republic Party wants to send. So free speech is only okay these days if it fits one’s own political belief. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. Seems All Forked Up to me.

What Would Williard Mitt Romney Do As President To Help The Economy?

2012 February 5
by All Forked Up

In all of the Republican Debates, and at the Speeches and Press Conferences Mitt (Williard) Romney does one thing constantly – Attack Barack Obama on everything. This is not just a Romney phenomena, it’s from the daily talking points memo the the Republicans receive. All of them have the same points, tested for political strength in focus groups by their wordsmith, Frank Luntz.

But what are the details, Mitt? Tell me a few things you’d do to help the economy besides, of course, the two points all Republicans stand for: cutting taxes and deregulation.

Hypocrisy 2 – Government Doesn’t Force You to Buy Anything

2012 February 2
by All Forked Up

The BIG reason the folks on the right use for wanting to repeal the Healthcare Reform is that the Government is forcing Americans to buy health care and the Government has never forced anyone to buy anything.

The Hypocrisy here is all of the bills that the new right leaning state Governments are passing. Here are just a few:

  • Florida – Need a drug test to apply for Welfare and the applicant has to pay for the test up front. Forces someone with no money to BUY a $30 drug test.
  • Virginia had just passed a bill requiring women to have an ultra-sound test done before having an abortion. This forces women in Virginia to BUY a medical procedure.
  • Many states are passing photo-id requirements for voters. This forces Americans to BUY a photo ID to perform a constitutionally guaranteed right.

So seems to me the Republicans aren’t against forcing Americans to BUY things as long as it fits their policies of taking care of the very rich and cutting taxes.

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