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Citizens United – Corporations are people.

2012 January 20
by Ahmed Thisup

Corporations are not people. For instance, corporations do not drink water. Nor do they sleep or eat potato chips.

Corporations do need to have some of the properties that people have. For instance, they need to be able own property, pay taxes, own copyrights, own trademarks and inventory.

But how this has become that corporations are citizens — that is that they can spend money in political campaigns is beyond me. Corporations have such vast wealth compared to the average US person that they can quickly overpower the voice of the common person. The money is speech argument is fine if it’s just you and I. But toss in someone with 1000’s of times of money and we’re not on equal footing.

My opinion is that corporations are people – that is that they can hold assets, be fined, own cars, trucks, etc, but they are not citizens. That is they cannot vote. So since they cannot vote, they should not be able to contribute money to election campaigns.

To fix this issue requires an amendment to the constitution … a major action … yet the Independant Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has started this action. Checkout and sign the Corporations Are Not People and petition on Sen. Sanders website.

-or- if you like, you can tell the citizens of the world how you feel and buy a Corporations Are Not Citizens bumper sticker or car magnet for your car.

Corporations Are Not Citizens Bumper Sticker

Corporations Are Not Citizens Bumper Sticker

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