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Corporations are Ruling America

2012 April 15
by Ahmed Thisup

We’re not anti-corporation here at In fact, we ourselves are persons that are part of a corporation. But what seems All Forked Up is how our legislators are so addicted to heroin (i.e. money) that they need a fix all of the time. Believe it or not our elected officials need to raise 10,000 to $15,000 a day. To get that much money, they have to spend 1/4 of their work hours across the street from their office on Capital Hill. They use facilities set up by the party committees, stand elbow to elbow, and call donors for 2 hours straight, attempting to get them to give another donation.

The Congressman and Senators have to use the party supplied facilities, because it’s illegal for them to use their own office in Congress. So instead, they walk 100 feet across the street and use the cramped quarters provided to them by the RNC and DNC. Equipped with their list of large donors, they painstaking call their friends and other donors asking for more cash.

This is the trouble with the Super-PAC era we’re in. Instead of making things better for the politicians, this outside money in the election campaigns is tainting the individual campaigns further. This will probably result in our elected officials spending more time raising money so that they have a say in their own election.

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