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Freedom Of Speech in America, Eh?

2012 February 8

Everyone seems to love the 1st Amendment here in America, it gives one the right of free speech. Oddly though, the minute someone says something that they don’t agree with, they immediately attack the speaker. Where is the Freedom of Speech in that?

Clint Eastwood is the latest target because Clint is registered Republican and made a positive commercial for Chrysler Corporation that aired during the Feb 5 2012 Super Bowl. Who would attack a positive commercial. Bush’s Brain (Karl Rove) did.

Why? May I suggest because it was a positive spin on the economy and that’s the last thing the negative Republican party want while they’re trying to beat President Obama. In my opinion that’s the same reason for the 17 million Republican debates, they can attack President Obama over and over and over.

Now, there wasn’t anything in the commercial about President Obama and it’s paid free speech of Chrysler Corporation something the Republicans ought to stand behind. Yet, it’s not the message the Republic Party wants to send. So free speech is only okay these days if it fits one’s own political belief. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. Seems All Forked Up to me.

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