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How Much It Costs to Bribe A US Congressman

2012 February 24
by Ahmed Thisup

In a frank interview with the host of NPR’s Fresh Air Show, which can be read here: James Bopp Comments on Fresh Air Feb 2012, James Bopp made a few bold statements.

This is the lawyer that pushed the Citizen’s United case to the Supreme Court, resulting in all of this secret money pouring into the political scene. I absolutely disagree with the Citizens United decision, yet James Bopp does a surprising middle of the road explanation of the reason for the decision and why it’s good for the American public.

But what I found most enlightening/startling were the comments on how the problem is that the $2,500 campaign donation limit to a politician is too low. The US Courts have always ruled that donations are not buying influence. Yet, Mr Bopp states this is the point of a political donation outright.

This is because it’s known it takes more to bribe a congressman. The known bribes are $99,000 for Congressman Jefferson of Louisiana and $120,000 for earmarks by Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham whom had a schedule of bribes in his desk.

Here is the quote:
you can’t even buy a Democratic congressman for $2,500. The anecdotal evidence is that it takes $99,000 in cold hard cash to buy a Democratic congressman. That was the amount Congressman Jefferson of New Orleans had in his freezer.

Republican congressmen seem to go at a higher rate. Duke Cunningham had a schedule of bribes in his desk. The lowest amount was $140,000 for him to earmark your weapons system.

Read the full text or listen to the podcast above. You’ll find the interview is balanced, no matter of your political view. If you find this is better than a Fox or MSNBC interview, then think about making a donation to National Public Radio:

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The individual donation direct to a politician is capped at $2500.00 and as James Bopp says, will not buy you influence. You need to dig a lot deeper. If you ever gave $50.00 or $100.00 donation to a Congressman, did you expect to influence the politician? I have made these small donations and helped influence a race or two — not to buy personal influence of the politician — but in support of the general policies.

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