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Looking for a Job — Apply to Freddie Mac as a Historian

2012 January 24
by Ahmed Thisup

Newt Gingrich released information this week that he was paid $25,000 a month as a Historian. 🙂

Anyone with any connection to Historians, Librarians or any ‘-arians’ would know that would be the annual salary for someone in that field.

Since money isn’t cheap, what do you suppose that Freddie Mac executives were expecting to get by paying Mr Gingrich so much money? This was before the financial crisis of 2008 and Freddie Mac was sitting on a lot of cash … but to pay a ‘consultant’ $250,000 a year requires some sort of ‘deliverable’. What history is worth that much to a fortune 10 company? The history of influence and connections to the congress would be the most likely suspect.

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