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President Obama Orders Return To Moon

2017 January 3
by Ahmed Thisup

USS Constellation On Moon

Picture of USS Constellation On Moon 1969

(Jan 3) WASHINGTON DC. Citing urgent National Security issues, the White House said today that President Barrack Obama has ordered the US Navy to return to the moon. While the exact reason for the return to the moon remains secret, there is reason to believe that this has something to do with the Russian Email Hacking of the last presidential race. When last on the moon in 1969 the US Navy had sent the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CVA-64). It’s believed that there were interactions between the crew of the USS Constellation and Russian Cosmonauts that were stationed there at the time. Just exactly what might be of interest to those investigating the suspected cracking into the email accounts, by what the White House has called Rogue Russian Independent Actors, is a matter of conjecture.

In 1969, while the US and Russia (then the USSR – United Soviet Socialist Republic) where competing for the most landings on the moon, the United States was also working to create what has become known as the Internet. College graduate students working at the University of California Berkeley, working under a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), were designing ARPA-net, a computer network capable of transmitting information between computers using various paths in case one or more known paths stopped functioning. Sources say that during this time, the engineers included a node and microwave transmitters on the US Navy vessels trip to the moon. According to sources, much of the original equipment was destroyed; yet some of the “Moon Trash” left behind by the US Navy as part of the “Napollo” mission, might contain equipment of use to the investigation of the email cracking.

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