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Super Pacs

2012 April 23

Colbert Super Pac Super Fun Pack

Colbert Super Pac Super Fun Pack

The Super Political Action Committee (PAC) situation is evolving. Certainly there will be a amazing scene this fall with TV and Radio ads yahoo crazy in their numbers.

My favorite Super Pac is Comedy Centrals Stephen Colbert’s Americans for A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow (ABTT). On March 31, the ABBT Super-Pac offered a Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac Super Fun Pack with many fun things in the kit. It includes:

  • A Treasure Map
  • A Secret Decoder Ring
  • A Door Sign for your Official Super Pac Meetings
  • An Allen Wrench
  • A “Trevor Can You Help Me” Button for non-legal Advice
  • A Turtles Don’t Like Peanut Butter T-Shirt
  • An FEC Form for forming a Super Pac
  • A Step-By-Step Manual of Non-Legal Advice on how to form your own Super Pac
  • A Can of DAK Ham
  • A set of decorative labels to decorate your ham as the immortal Ham Rove
  • A legal disclaimer, which all good Fun Packs have
Colbert Super Pac Ham Rove from Super Fun Pack

Colbert Super Pac Ham Rove - All of the brains of Carl Rove with 1/2 the sodium

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